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Personalize. Customize. Individualize.

Memories treasures of lifetime.
We at Piece of You, find ways to keep your memories intact and close to you at all times by personalizing them into unique jewellery for you to cherish forever.

Piece of You personalizes and customizes jewellery which transforms your memories, mementos, occasions and loved ones into precious jewels. Each of our piece is crafted in pure 18kt Gold & and glistened with diamonds, pearls and valuable precious and semi-precious stones to transform your special moments into meaningful keepsakes.

The most perfect gift to yourself or for a loved one; Piece of You, translates your stories into magnificent jewellery, to be worn with love and glee. Be it treasured names, a special date, beloved initial, an exclusive birthstone, a special location, in a language of your choice or from our most popular family collection; your Piece of You is a product of your imagination brought to life by our artisans.

Every piece is a fascinating tale. By creating a dialogue for life and showcasing the finest of gestures, Piece of You makes sure that your identity is distinctively portrayed via your jewellery. We dive into your story, initiate the idea, discuss the conception, and perceive your design, to give you your desired end result.


Piece of You is a part of Pure Gold Group, which embarked its presence in the jewellery industry with Pure Gold Jewellers in United Arab Emirates trusted 30 years ago. With almost 3 decades in the market, Pure Gold Jewellers has matured over the years with more than 125 stores in the Middle East and Asia with 2 factories in India and 1 in China, employing over 2,000 craftsmen and professionals, all of whom are dedicated & qualified to cater to the needs of its fast growing clientele.

A part of the Pure Gold Group, Piece of You offers customers exactly what they need, with the confidence of quality and trustworthiness that is coupled with Pure Gold Jewellers.


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